Smart Industry

From “Computer+”, “Internet+”, “Big data+” and “AI+”, Insigma devotes to combining the most advanced technologies and traditional industries, providing packages of IT services in mega transportation, mega finance and mega health. Also, based on its cloud computing, Insigma develops some applying system such as AI and big data, and makes industries more intellectual.

Classic Cases

Yi Kuai Fu
2016-12-22-07004342 Yi Kuai Fu is a mobile health APP which has fused medical insurance and self-paid payment. It is developed by DaBai Technology Co., Ltd. and has been an essential part of Insigma’s mega health strategy. Yi Kuai Fu covers all procedures of medical treatment including medical insurance payment. Therefore, patients can get treated without queueing and enjoy one-click payment. Comparing with similar medical APP, Yi Kuai Fu can provide a higher-level safeguard, which has been approved by the government. On December 12th, 2016, Yi Kuai Fu was first launched in Medicine School of Zhejiang University--Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital.
Zi Zhi Tunnel
2016-12-22-08450669 On August 10th, 2016, Zi Zhi Tunnel, the longest tunnel in Hangzhou and the longest city tunnel groups in China, opened for the first time. The 14.4 km’ main line of Zi Zhi Tunnel consists of 3 tunnels and 2 bridges, with the designed speed of 60km/h. Zi Zhi Tunnel adopts the tunnel integrated management platform of Insigma. Based on the technology of automatic information collection and gathered favorable functions such as data management, communication and displaying, this platform can provide powerful support for the informatization construction of Zi Zhi Tunnel. Also, the platform can inspect and control the operation of systems automatically, and can deal with urgent situations by compiling kinds of emergency plans. Furthermore, the platform can offer nice interface and user experience by its functions such as warning, computing, displaying, analyzing and searching. Insigma’s tunnel integrated management platform has been put into use in several tunnel programs in Hangzhou and has been fully approved by users.
More Case
Online risk-control...
In April, 2014, Hengtian Software Co., Ltd. undertook the online risk-control monitoring v [More]
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